Patrizia Arvieri

From 1980 Hobbyceram is the world leader in porcelain painting, and an important contributor to the world of ceramics and glass fusing. In these fields we offer:

  •  the best kilns for these uses in terms of performance, efficiency and price. We design and manufacture all our kilns and regulations;
  • a vast assortment of colours, brushes and accessories for the hobby and the professional artists;
  • the most Comprehensive assortment of books, samples and specialized literature;
  • the organization of special seminars, regular classes, meetings, conventions and events on the subject of porcelain painting, ceramics glass and metal enamel in Milan, Italy as well as in other Italian cities and in many foreign countries (see events);
  • technical support to painters and decorators who need assistance for their projects;
  • special instructions sessions for handicapped people or for trainers who work with handicapped people or hospitals: methodologies and techniques, subjects and procedures adapted to the different kind of medical problems and to the final achievements requested;
  • specialization classes for workers of ceramics industry that want to improve their skills and need to know the most recent techniques and developments in materials.
  • custom organized intensive seminars for individuals or groups, subject on demand, teaching languages: English, French, German or Spanish.