Patrizia Arvieri

Patrizia Arvieri

Associazione Italiana Decoratori e Insegnanti
di Pittura su Porcellana

Via P.L. da Palestrina, 13 – 20124 Milano
Tel. 02.66981271 or 030.3531076

L’ A.I.D.I.P.P. is

  • the first italian porcelain painting association and
    was founded in April 1990;
  • only italian association to be recognised by I.P.A.T.
    (International Porcelain Artist and Teachers, Inc.)
    & W.O.C.P. (World Organization of China Painters).

L’ A.I.D.I.P.P. organizes

  • many other regional shows and exhibitions on china

L’ A.I.D.I.P.P. helps

  • to take part to all regional shows in Italy
  • to get a “special price on the subscription, to SPM,
    the European porcelain painting magazine.
  • To participate at the Convention Azzurra as well
    as to many other international Conventions.
Patrizia Arvieri

Patrizia Arvieri